Opal Reef has become one of the Great Barrier Reef’s more intimate areas for viewing the spectacular underwater reefs and corals that the Great Barrier Reef is famous for. This reef is known for its shallow and beautiful clear water, making it perfect for snorkelers and first timers wanting to experience the Great Barrier Reef firsthand!

At Rayban in the centre of Opal Reef discover fish and coral of vibrant colours that really sum up the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, with plenty of stingrays to see located on the seabed. Alternatively Blue Lagoon, another part of Opal Reef, is a protected snorkelling area that offers stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef’s underwater coral gardens and colourful reef fish. You can even witness the occasional white tip reef shark and foraging green turtle, both friendly and breathtaking to see!

Opal Reef has many beautiful snorkelling areas to explore and discover that all can be done in a day. It’s also an ideal spot to witness the Great Barrier Reef’s wonder for the first time.

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